At the core of Walled City Co.’s investment ideology is our strong belief in coopetition – competition & cooperation put together. We primarily invest in seed and early-stage start-ups & entrepreneurs . . . those who are ready to build their start-up spaceship!

We believe raising capital is the easiest part and that’s why we don’t just invest capital in start-ups; we provide them the resources to dream big . . . from a peer-network of fellow founders in the community, to connecting you with the best in the world of data & technology, business management, human capital, allied services, and of course our strong network of partners & investors. In short we are the foundation of the strong walls you have to build for the launch site of your spaceship.

If any of the following domains excite you . . . and you are actively pursuing a start-up in these verticals, reach out to us:

Leap of faith:

Our Sultans understand that being a start-up founder is not about being the Jack-of-all-trades; if you are in an alternate vertical, you can still reach out to us . . . but only if you are a master at that!

We are always willing to co-invest with passionate founders . . . only if you & your start-up have something uniquely INSPIRING!